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Chiao Hung

(Jiao Hung)

1540 – 1620 CE

A voice for the real, for substance, for seeing through concepts and artificiality, and an author of one of the most useful Tao Te Ching compilations, the Lao-tzu-yi written in 1587; Chiao Hung included his own thoughts as well as mainly Sung dynasty commentators. Writing during a time of radical change from Ming Neo-Confucianism into new forms, his influence helped restructure Neo-Confucianism, and brought a resurgence of Taoist insight and influence into Chinese philosophical history.



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Quotes by Chiao Hung (5 quotes)

“The ways of the world become daily more artificial. Hence we have names like wisdom and reason, kindness and justice, cleverness and profit.”

Chapters: 19. All Methods Become Obstacles

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“Natural means free from success and therefore free from failure… If the wise do succeed or fail,there minds are not affected.”

Chapters: 23. Nothing and Not

Themes: Failure Success

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“The past 5,000 words all explain 'the Tao of not accumulating’, what Buddhists call 'non-attachment’. Those who empty their minds on the last two lines will grasp most of Lao-tzu's book.”

Themes: One Taste

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“Anything that is understood is a delusion. Anything that is a delusion is an affliction. Understanding is not the affliction. It is the understanding of understanding that becomes the affliction. To understand what is the affliction is to cure the illness without medicine.”

Themes: Delusion Medicine

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“Once the Buddhist scriptures are penetrated, the sayings of Confucius and Mencius will be understood immediately—there are not two separate principles.”

Themes: Confucianism

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Quotes about Chiao Hung (1 quotes)

“As a synergist who advocated unequivocally the 'oneness of the Three Teachings' and as a member of the T'ai-chou school, known for its radical spirit of iconoclastic independence... Chiao Hung was an active participant in this 'near revolution' in Chinese thought; he was also a critical pioneer in critical studies of the Classics and history”

Edward T Chʻien 1986 CE –
Chiao Hung and the restructuring of in the late Ming
from Chiao Hung and the restructuring of in the late Ming

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