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Ananda 阿難

5th C. BCE

"Guardian of the Dharma"

First cousin, close attendant and heart disciple of Gautama Buddha, 2nd Patriarch in the Zen lineage, known as “Guardian of the Dharma” because of his memory and recording of the sutras into the Pāli Canon during the First Buddhist council; Ananda is said to have been the most emotionally closest to the Buddha but the last of his close disciples to become enlightened. Known for his kindness, unselfish thoughtfulness, and service for others; he was responsible for including women in the monastic order and the Buddha’s public recognition of women being equal to men for which he was criticized after the Buddha died.



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Quotes by Ananda (4 quotes)

“Whoever says salvation exists is a slave because he keeps weighing each of his words and deeds at every moment. "Will I be saved or damned?' he tremblingly asks. 'Will I go to heaven or to hell?'”

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“How can a soul that hopes be free? Whoever hopes is afraid both of this life and the life to come; he hangs indecisively in the air and waits for luck of God's mercy.”

Themes: Hope

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“It is the Savior who shall deliver mankind from salvation.”

Themes: Golden Chains

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“Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.”

from Udanavarga

Themes: Golden Rule

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