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Chamaripa ཙཱ་མཱ་རི་པ།

(Cāmāripa, “The Siddha Cobbler”)

840 – 940 CE

Mahasiddha #14

A poor cobbler in ancient India, Chamaripa worked long hours making and repairing shoes while he dreamed of a higher, more meaningful life. Disgusted with the emptiness of his life he begged teaching from a wandering teacher and began a practice of visualizing his work as meditation practice, his tools and materials as symbols for deep understandings. He discovered how the thread that tied his shoes together was like the thread of emptiness (shunyata) that connects a core enlightenment back through our graspings for fame, fortune, pleasure, and power. Mahasiddha #14



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“I am sick and tired of this life of endless passion, aggression, and ignorance”

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“Wrap the leather of preconception around the mold of emptiness and compassion”

from Masters of Mahamudra

Themes: Openness

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