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Mekopa མེ་ཀོ་པ།

("Guru Dread-Stare")

1050 CE –

Mahasiddha #43

Mekopa, མེ་ཀོ་པ། Guru Dread-Stare (11th century)
Always cheerful and kind Bengali food merchant taken as a student by a yogin customer, Mekopa saw into the vastness of his own mind, the uselessness of chasing desires, and harmfulness of action based on duality. His realization led him far beyond the limits of status quo, conventional social standards and behavior; into a lifestyle unbound by concern for people’s opinion, wandering about a cremation ground “like a wild animal” and into towns like a mad saint with dreadful, staring eyes. Mahasiddha #43


Quotes by Mekopa (5 quotes)

“Your mind is like a magical gem manifesting all that is”

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“Discover the source of all duality; nondual space is without substance.”

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“What does it matter how the world sees you?”

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“Treating all events the same, accustom yourself to non-duality.”

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“Realize the nature of mind!”

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