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Nansen, Nanquan Puyuan 南泉普願

749 – 835 CE

Nansen, Nanquan Puyuan 南泉普願 Nánquán Pǔyuàn (749 – 835)
Tang Dynasty Chán master and inspiration for the “Golden Age of Chan;” Nansen, after 30 years meditating in a mountain retreat, came back to the world of people becoming a famous teacher and a key figure in many illuminating Zen anecdotes. Renowned for untangling the deep truth caught and hidden in the net of words, his direct communication and activity with students (including Joshu, Zhàozhōu Cōngshěn) directly provoked many enlightenment experiences. His koans appear in The Gateless Gate, The Blue Cliff Record, and The Book of Serenity.

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Quotes by Nansen, Nanquan Puyuan (6 quotes)

“Everyday life is the path.”

Chapters: 34. An Unmoored Boat

Themes: Less is More

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“If you want to reach the true beyond doubt, place yourself in the same freedom as sky. You name it neither good nor not good.”

Themes: Freedom No Trace

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“Mind is not Buddha. Learning is not the path.”

Themes: Education

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“If useless things do not hang in your mind, any season is a good season for you.”

Themes: Letting Go

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“It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things.”

Themes: Emptiness

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“Knowing is illusion; not-knowing is blankness. If you really attain to the Way of no-doubt it is like the great void, so vast and boundless.”

Themes: Doubt Illusion

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