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Bhikṣanapa བྷི་ཀྵ་ན་པ།

("Siddha Two-Teeth")

940 CE –

Mahasiddha #61

Bhikshanapa བྷི་ཀྵ་ན་པ། “Siddha Two-Teeth” (10th century CE)

Low caste and very poor, Bhikshanapa unexpectedly inherited some wealth. Like most people today winning a lottery or inheriting unaccustomed riches, he quickly lost it all along with his fair-weather friends. This led to a period of intense self-loathing and depression but also an openness to meeting and hearing a teacher and new way of experiencing the world. Seeing through his consumerism andspiritual materialism, he metaphorically (and possibly physically too), lost all but two of his teeth which became symbols for the balance and harmony of wisdom and skillful means. Resuming his external life style of roaming from village to village, he transformed from a miserable, needy beggar only thinking about himself into a wonderful teacher constantly dedicated to helping others. Mahasiddha #61



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“When I realized that Buddha is my original nature, the Buddha became the experience of every moment.”

Themes: Sacred World

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“Like a tightrope walker with perfect balance, journey on the high rope joining skillful means and wisdom.”

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