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Kapālapa ཀ་པཱ་ལ་པ།

(“The Skull Bearer”)

9th Century CE

Mahasiddha #72

Suicidal and lost in despair after his wife and 5 children died from a plague, Kapalapa met in a cremation grounds Kanhapa who suggested he practice the dharma rather than just die. Making a bowl from his wife’s skull and ornaments from his children’s bones, Kanhapa taught him to see the emptiness of the bones as a creative, fulfillment meditation. After years of practicing in this way, Kapalapa became a great teacher himself helping hundreds of disciples. Mahasiddha #72



Quotes by Kapālapa (2 quotes)

“The non duality of all phenomena cannot be found by seeking.”

from Masters of Enchantment

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“I have come to see these bones as the very nature of all things completely freeing all activity.”

from Masters of Mahamudra

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