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Robert Beer

Carbaripa ཙ་རྦ་རི་པ།

(Carpati, “The Petrifier”)

9th Century CE

Mahasiddha #64

Legends about Carbaripa seem to fit better in the shaman lineage than the buddhist one. These stories could be an example of reinterpretating symbols from a different point of view. From the shamanistic point of view, stories about him turning people to stone imply magic and the power of place. From the buddhist viewpoint, these can be interpreted as a teacher’s ability to disperse disciples discursive thoughts and distractibility, their skill in inspiring the transformative powers of deep meditation. A deeper meaning can be understood in how he liberated people from their petrified social and cultural concepts. The main legend about him describes him helping a young wife abused and beaten by her wealthy husband and his aggressive, controlling mother. The stories don’t describe but pictures of him frequently show him copulating in the sky with this young wife. Mahasiddha #64


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“The supreme vow of all the buddhas is nothng but self-realization.”

from Masters of Mahamudra

Themes: Know Yourself

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“Whoever realizes the purity of his own mind, sees through the Buddha's eyes.”

from Masters of Enchantment

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