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Chén Jìrú 陳繼儒

1558 – 1639 CE

Collector and publisher of rare books, powerful influence on Chinese culture and taste during the 16th century, Chen’s influence continues today. His book, Tea Talks (茶董補) written in 1595 is still popular and quoted in Japan, China, and here now. Creator of the Yixing-style purple clay teapots, his innovations in pottery, painting, literature, and calligraphy continue. Instead of taking the familiar path of respected literati and entering politics, Chen burnt his scholar robes as a symbol of rejecting that path and as a launching into a solitary lifestyle immersed in Buddhism and Taoism. Originator of the famous crane soaring among clouds image, he wrote an autobiography that included his imaginary death.

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Quotes by Chén Jìrú (5 quotes)

“Few realize how much energy most people expend just trying to be ‘normal.’”

Themes: Conformity

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“Act in a crisis with calm, and act during a calm by thinking ahead of a crisis.”

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“Confucianists and Buddhists quarrel and dispute with each other because the Confucianists do not read Buddhist books annd the Buddhists do not read Confucianist books Both are talking about what they do not know.”

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“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. But better not expect others to do unto you what you would do unto them.”

Themes: Golden Rule

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“Collect more books, keep less jades.”

Themes: Books

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