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Kanakhala ཀ་ན་ཁ་ལཱ།

("The Younger Severed-Headed Sister”)

late 9th century

Mahasiddha #67

One of two unmarried, mischievous daughters; Kanakhala’s father married her off to an unsuspecting boy from another village. He soon realized though and an intense and constant “battle of the sexes” began. As their lives sunk into more and more misery, she suggested running away to another country. Mekhala, however, realized that their problems were self-created and would follow them wherever they travelled. This realization somehow seems to have triggered an encounter with a famous guru who initiated them onto a spiritual path. After 12 years, they returned to the guru but brought no offerings. According to the story, the guru asked for their heads and they immediately cut them off with “the keen-edged sword of pure awareness.”


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“When all inner and outer phenomena are perceived as mind, all things have the same flavor.”

from Masters of Enchantment

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“Donning the impregnable armor of patience, I embarked in the vessel of my mind and confidently took possession of my body.”

from Masters of Enchantment

Themes: Health Patience

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