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Atisha ཨ་ཏི་ཤ་མར་མེ་མཛད་དཔལ་ཡེ་ཤེས་

(Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna)

980 – 1054 CE

One of the major figures in classical Buddhism, Atiśa inspired students and teachers from Tibet to Sumatra. Born into royalty in the capital of the Pala Empire, Atiśa became a monk and scholar said to have studied with more than 150 different teachers. Founder of the Kadam School, he traveled and taught widely. In The Seven Points of Mind Training he condensed Buddhist teachings into easy-to-remember slogans. The lineage of people using this technique includes Aesop, Balthasar Gracian, Ben Franklin, Erasmus, Yang Xiung as well as The Dhammapada.



Seven Points of Mind Training, Lojong བློ་སྦྱོངས་དོན་བདུན་མ;

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Quotes by Atisha (18 quotes)

“Don't bring things to a painful point.”

Chapters: 63. Easy as Hard

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“Don’t transfer the cow’s load to the ox.”

Chapters: 77. Stringing a Bow

Themes: Perseverance

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“Give up any possibilities of fruition.”

Chapters: 81. Journey Without Goal

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“Rest in the nature of alaya (‘simplicity and in clear and nondiscriminating mind’- CTR).”

from Seven Points of Mind Training, Lojong བློ་སྦྱོངས་དོན་བདུན་མ;

Chapters: 28. Turning Back

Themes: Simplicity

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“The purpose of all dharma is contained in one point.”

Chapters: 3. Weak Wishes, Strong Bones

Themes: Religion

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“The unsurpassable protection of emptiness is to see the manisfestations of bewilderment as the four kayas.”

Chapters: 12. This Over That

Themes: Emptiness

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“Three objects, three poisons, three virtuous seeds.”

Chapters: 67. Three Treasures

Themes: Golden Chains

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“When the world is filled with seeming sin, all mishaps should be diverted into the path of bodhi.”

Chapters: 50. Claws and Swords

Themes: Magic

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“Your spouse is going to be dead soon. You are going to be dead soon. Be nice to each other.”

from Seven Points of Mind Training, Lojong བློ་སྦྱོངས་དོན་བདུན་མ;

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