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Bill Mollison

1928 – 2016 CE

Permaculture's Founder-Father

Scientist, professor, ecologist, global gardener, and tenacious opponent of environmental profiteering; Bill Mollison designed and developed sustainable agriculture projects all over the world; even in the most challenging Equatorial and Arctic environments. For more than 40 years, he worked with groups as diverse as US urban farmers to African tribal women; Pacific islanders to Native Americans; European backyard gardeners to seven different Amazonian language groups. He championed the idea of more gardening as the foundation for more just, egalitarian, and peaceful societies. He questioned both the motivations and effectiveness of revolutionaries and political insurgents who "depend on the very system they attack."



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Introduction to Permaculture

Quotes by Bill Mollison (9 quotes)

“If we lose the forests, we lose our only teachers.”

Themes: Teachers

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“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone.”

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“Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.”

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“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

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“We're only truly secure when we can look out our kitchen window and see our food growing and our friends working nearby.”

Themes: Gardening

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“To accumulate wealth, power or land beyond one's needs in a limited world is to be truly immoral, be it as an individual, an institution, or a nation-state.”

Themes: Greed Wealth

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“There is one, and only one solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to; we need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.”

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“Education takes everything and pulls it apart and makes no connections at all. Permaculture makes the connections... it's the opposite of what we're taught in school.”

from Introduction to Permaculture

Themes: Education

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“If you want to know how to control your site, start at your doorstep.”

from Introduction to Permaculture

Themes: Control

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