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Lao-tzu-chu, Red Pine Translation

By Cao Daochong

Quotes from Lao-tzu-chu, Red Pine Translation

“First improve yourself, then reach out to others and to later generations bequeath the noble, pure, and kindly Tao. Thus blessings reach your descendants, virtue grows, beauty lasts, and worship never ends.”

Chapters: 54. Planting Well

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“If we repay wrongs with kindness, we put an end to revenge. If we repay wrongs with wrongs, revenge never ends.”

Chapters: 63. Easy as Hard

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“When someone uses laws to restrict the world, might to compel it, knowledge to silence it, and majesty to impress it, there are always those who don’t follow. When someone rules by means of the Tao, the world follows without thinking.”

Chapters: 54. Planting Well

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