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Kaṅkāripa ཀངྐཱ་རི་པ།

(”The Lovelorn Widower”)

8th C. CE

Mahasiddha #7

A low caste householder happily married and filled with sensual pleasure, Kankaripa collapsed into despair when his beloved wife unexpectedly died. Confronted and asked by a wise teacher why he was letting himself grieve so much and wouldn’t let go of the corpse when “All life ends in death, every meeting ends in a parting;” he learned meditation practice, how to visualize his dead wife as a Dakini, attained ultimate realization, and became a wise, enlightened sage. Understanding how big as well as small “disasters” can become the most important, beneficial, life-changing events in our lives; this ordinary, uneducated man exemplifies transforming another affliction into spiritual path.



Quotes by Kaṅkāripa (3 quotes)

“Form not separate from me, nor yet a part of me; the phenomenal appearance of empty space.”

Chapters: 1. The Unnamed

Themes: Emptiness

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“All life ends in death; every meeting ends in parting… so why grieve?”

Chapters: 24. Unnecessary Baggage

Themes: Death and Dying

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“The phenomenal appearance of empty space transcends pleasure into pure joy and happiness.”

Chapters: 21. Following Empty Heart

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