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Dhobīpa དྷོ་བཱི་པ།

(“The Wise Washerman” )

806 – 906 CE

Mahasiddha #28

From a family of washermen in a country where purification and cleanliness were high spiritual values and people were expected to take ritual baths twice a day, Dhobipa spent his time washing clothes and cleaning things. A wandering, wise yogi visited him with a piece of coal and asked him to clean it, to take out the stain. Recognizing that the impossibility of cleaning coal by washing is like the impossibility of realizing wisdom with dogmatic belief, increasing goodness with materialistic intentions, or healing inner wounds with mindless ritual; Dhobipa went beyond convention and became a great teacher himself. Mahasiddha #28



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“From time immemorial I have washed out stains but I cannot make charcoal white.”

from Masters of Mahamudra

Chapters: 43. No Effort, No Trace

Themes: Law and Order

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