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Aciṅta ཨ་ཙིངྟ་།།

("The Avaricious Hermit")

862 – 912 CE

Mahasiddha #38

Acinta ཨ་ཙིངྟ་། Achingta, “The Greedy Hermit” (second half of 9th century)
Born into extreme poverty, constantly and completely fixated on becoming wealthy; Acinta couldn’t forget his intense desire for riches. Tormented by his greed and unable to escape from it, he met a teacher who gave him a Jambhala wealth practice and initiation into the irresistibleness of a thought-stopping empty mind free from gaining ideas. His dreams of wealth dissolved into a realization of nothing to gain, he became known as “The Thought-Free Guru,” served countless beings, and initiated many disciples into this ultimate reality. Mahasiddha #38



Quotes by Aciṅta (3 quotes)

“Desire is like the child of a barren woman.”

Themes: Desire

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“To free your mind from desire, visualize your body as the heavens and your thoughts as stars in the sky.”

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“What is the nature of sky? How can you desire it, how can you think about it at all?”

Themes: Consumerism

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