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Norman MacDonald

Ziryab أبو الحسن علي ابن نافع, زریاب

(Abu l-Hasan, “Blackbird”)

789 – 857 CE

Singer, poet, polymath, freed slave, teacher, and one of the greatest influences on world culture; Ziryab’s name is almost unknown in most of the world although the traditions and styles he initiated are commonplace. He invented and popularized the early form of toothpaste, the three-course meal, asparagus, the use of tablecloths, wearing hair in bangs, and using glass containers for drinks. Founder of the 500-year Andalusian music tradition, he laid the early groundwork for classic Spanish music, revolutionized the musical instrument design that became the lute, and created a musical style that influenced European minstrels, troubadours, and the course of European music.


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  1. Shan Dao
    Shan Dao 5 years ago
    The historian Al-Maqqari in describing Ziryab wrote that, "There never was, either before or after him, a man of his profession who was more generally beloved and admired."