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Journey Without Goal

By Chögyam Trungpa


Quotes from Journey Without Goal

“… crazy wisdom is absolute perceptiveness, with fearlessness and bluntness… being wise, but not holding to particular doctrines or disciplines or formats. There aren’t any books to follow, only endless spontaneity… all activity is created by the environment.”

Chapters: 41. Distilled Life

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“…you are without set ideas and patterns; you are not bound by any social, philosophical, or religious standards. You are free from that indoctrination; therefore you are able to see…”

Chapters: 38. Fruit Over Flowers

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“Fundamentally we have no idea what we are doing or what we are experiencing, and we are completely missing the point all the time.”

Chapters: 53. Shameless Thieves

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“If we are passionate, if we are in love or in a lustful state, we begin to feel that there is an enormous amount of glue sprayed all over the world… We want to be stuck to things, to objects, wealth, money, friends… so we begin to spray this crude glue all over the place. We are asking to be stuck.”

Chapters: 44. Fame and Fortune

Themes: Wealth Money Desire

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“it is absolutely important to make the practice of meditation your source of strength,your source of basic intelligence.”

Chapters: 29. Not Doing

Themes: Meditation

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“It’s okay. Everything is okay… Don’t rush; everything is going to be okay… Just cool it. You don’t have to do a complete job, all at once. If you go too far, if you are too hungry, you could become a cosmic monster. That message is very courageous, but very few people have the courage to say that.”

Chapters: 57. Wu Wei

Themes: Patience Desire

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“Once we give up our heart and brain, the magic begins. We give up our little heart, our little brain, and then we get greater nothingness. Actual magic begins there.”


Themes: Magic

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“Once you are really into something,you become part of that experience, or it becomes part of you. When you become part of the teachings, you are no longer hassled. You are no longer an entity separate from the teachings. You are an embodiment of them.”

Chapters: 27. No Trace

Themes: Oneness

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“Stop acting, stop speeding. Sit and do nothing. You should take pride in the fact that you have learned a very valuable message: you actually can survive beautifully by doing nothing.”

Chapters: 26. The Still Rule the Restless

Themes: Wu Wei Ambition

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“The conventional moral law purely has to do with relating with your conscience rather than dealing with situations… that means you don’t actually relate with the situation at all; you don’t even have any idea of understanding.”

Chapters: 22. Heaven's Door

Themes: Law and Order

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“The nonexistence of a dualistic barrier does not quite mean that we are one, but that we are zero.”

Chapters: 39. Oneness

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“The point at which we can either extend ourselves further and go towards an unfamiliar brilliance, or return to a more soothing and familiar dimness is the threshold of magic.”

Chapters: 73. Heaven’s Net

Themes: Magic

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“The tantric tradition builds us up so we do not have to relate at the level of a donkey reaching for a carrot anymore. The donkey has the carrot already”

Chapters: 58. Goals Without Means

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“There are enormous problems with thinking that we can only trust in what we were told rather than in how we feel… we are trying to become perfect actors rather than real people.”

Chapters: 14. Finding and Following the Formless Form

Themes: Deception Belief

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“We cannot find an answer, because answers always run out. That is the problem and the promise.”

Chapters: 67. Three Treasures

Themes: Problems

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“We cannot find the beginning of the tantric thread unless we come to the conclusion that we do not exit.”

Chapters: 22. Heaven's Door

Themes: Egolessness

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“we do not have to depend on feedback and we can relate with life as directly and straightforwardly as possible… Working with energy in a tantric sense is a decentralized process… energy is openness and all-pervasive… constantly expanding.”

Chapters: 34. An Unmoored Boat

Themes: Openness

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“When we find… something familiar, we are dying to get on to the next… and we rush. We are constantly looking for. We don’t really want to read the pages of life properly and we panic.”

Chapters: 35. The Power of Goodness

Themes: Desire

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“You don’t have to try to catch the universe in the same way that you would try to catch a grasshopper or a flea. You don’t have to do something with what you have experienced, particularly… If you actually want to use something, you have to let it be.”

Chapters: 61. Lying Low

Themes: Letting Go

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