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The Power of Goodness, the Wisdom Beyond Words
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Quotes (46)

“Forward and backward, abyss on abyss, in danger like this pause at first and wait, otherwise you will fall into a pit.”

Fu Xi 伏羲 c. 2852–2737 BCE via Richard Wilhelm, Hexagram 29
Emperor/shaman progenitor of civilization symbol
from I Ching

Themes: Patience

30. No War

“When a person is in turmoil, how can they find peace except by staying patient until the stream clears?”

Lao Tzu 老子 604 BCE - via Witter Bynner, Shan Dao
from Way of Life According to Lao Tzu

Themes: Patience

“The greatest prayer is patience.”

Buddha गौतम बुद्ध 563 – 483 BCE
(Siddhartha Shakyamuni Gautama)
Awakened Truth

Themes: Patience

32. Uncontrived Awareness

“Time is the wisest counselor of all.”

Pericles 495 – 429 BCE via Thucydides
Disprover that all power corrupts

Themes: Time Patience

“He who awaits his time, who submits
When his work is done,
In his life there is no room
For sorrow or rejoicing.”

Chuang Tzu 莊周 369 – 286 BCE

Themes: Patience

23. Nothing and Not

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”

Anonymous -800 to present
Freedom from the narrow boxes defined by personal history
from Chinese proverb

Themes: Anger Patience

“A miser and a liar both bargain quickly.”

Anonymous -800 to present
Freedom from the narrow boxes defined by personal history
from Greek proverb

Themes: Business Patience

“The greatest remedy for anger is delay.”

Seneca ˈsɛnɪkə 4 BCE – 65 CE
(Lucius Annaeus)

“Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig... there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.”

Epictetus Ἐπίκτητος 55 – 135 CE
from Discourses of Epictetus, Ἐπικτήτου διατριβαί

Themes: Patience

59. The Gardening of Spirit

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

Augustine ɔːɡəstiːn 354 – 430 CE
(Saint Augustine, Saint Austin, Augustine of Hippo)

Themes: Patience

“Donning the impregnable armor of patience, I embarked in the vessel of my mind and confidently took possession of my body.”

Kanakhala ཀ་ན་ཁ་ལཱ། late 9th century via Keith Dowman
("The Younger Severed-Headed Sister”)
Mahasiddha #67
from Masters of Enchantment

Themes: Patience Health

“The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones.”

Solomon ibn Gabirol שלמה בן יהודה אבן גבירול 1021 – 1070 CE via Ascher
from Choice of Pearls

Themes: Patience

“To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.”

Al-Ghazali أبو حامد محمد بن محمد الطوسي الغزالي 1058 – 1111 CE
(Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali)
Philosopher of Sufism

Themes: Patience Paradox

“Slowly slowly O mind, everything in own pace happens, fruit arrives only in its season.”

Kabīr कबीर 1399 – 1448 CE

Themes: Patience

61. Lying Low

“The first great rule of life - to put up with things – is half of all wisdom… We often have to put up with the most from those on whom we most depend… Out of patience comes forth peace, the priceless boon that is the happilness of the world.”

Balthasar Gracian 1601 – 1658 CE via Joseph Jacobs, Shan Dao chapter #159
from Art of Worldly Wisdom

61. Lying Low

“Fools rush in through the door — for folly is always bold.”

Balthasar Gracian 1601 – 1658 CE via Joseph Jacobs, #78

Themes: Patience

“When people press for a reply, it is best to defer it... Long expected is highest prized.”

Balthasar Gracian 1601 – 1658 CE via Joseph Jacobs, chapter #132
from Art of Worldly Wisdom

Themes: Patience

“Things are done quickly enough if done well. If just quickly done, they can be quickly undone.”

Balthasar Gracian 1601 – 1658 CE

Themes: Patience

54. Planting Well

“If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought.”

Isaac Newton 1642 – 1726 CE

Themes: Reason Patience

“Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1712 – 1778 CE

Themes: Patience

“When the mind clearly understand true and false, it awaits the right time to act with strength and harmony, serene and without pressure.”

Liu Yiming 刘一明 1734 – 1821 CE via Thomas Cleary, Shan Dao, #43 Parting
(Liu I-ming)
from Taoist I Ching, , Zhouyi chanzhen 周易闡真

Themes: Patience

“There is no greater impediment to progress in the sciences than the desire to see it take place too quickly.”

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg 1742 – 1799 CE
One of history’s best aphorists

“People who know how to employ themselves, always find leisure moments, while those who do nothing are forever in a hurry.”

Madame Roland 1754 – 1793 CE via Mémoires de Madame Roland (1795)
(Marie-Jeanne Phlippon)
Revolutionary heroine

“Seeking variety is a sign of impotence.”

Balzac 1799 – 1850 CE
(Honoré de Balzac)
from Cousin Bette

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803 – 1882 CE

Themes: Patience

63. Easy as Hard

“I’m a slow walker but I never walk back.”

Abraham Lincoln 1809 – 1865 CE

59. The Gardening of Spirit

“Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

Søren Kierkegaard 1813 – 1855 CE via Swenson
"The first existentialist philosopher"
from Either/Or (1843)

Themes: Pleasure Patience

“It takes patience to appreciate domestic bliss; volatile spirits prefer unhappiness.”

Santayana, George 1863 – 1952 CE
(Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás)
Powerfully influential, true-to-himself philosopher/poet

Themes: Patience

“To lose patience is to lose the battle.”

Mahatma Gandhi 1869 – 1948 CE

Themes: Patience

“I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do. I feel as if this tree knows everything I ever think of when I sit here. When I come back to it, I never have to remind it of anything; I begin just where I left off.”

Willa Cather 1873 – 1948 CE
Modern day Lao Tzu

Themes: Patience

66. Go Low

“Patience is a most necessary quality for business; many a man would rather you heard his story than grant his request.”

G. K. Chesterton 1874 – 1936 CE

Themes: Patience Business

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart... live in the question.”

Rainer Maria Rilke 1875 – 1926 CE
Profound singer of universal music

Themes: Patience Openness

“You find yourself in your desire… wherever the creative power of desire is, there springs the soil’s own seed. But do not forget to wait.”

Carl Jung 1875 – 1961 CE via Sonu Shamdasani
Insightful shamanistic scientist
from Red Book, Liber Novus

Themes: Desire Patience

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

A.A. Milne 1882 – 1956 CE
(Alan Alexander Milne)
from Winnie the Pooh

Themes: Water Patience

15. Inscrutability

“I remember one morning when I discovered a cocoon in the back of a tree just as a butterfly was making a hole in its case and preparing to come out… I warmed it as quickly as I could and the miracle began to happen before my eyes, faster than life… and I shall never forget my horror when I saw how its wings were folded back and crumpled… It needed to be hatched out patiently and the unfolding of the wings should be a gradual process in the sun. Now it was too late… That little body is, I do believe, the greatest weight I have on my conscience. For I realize today that it is a mortal sin to violate the great laws of nature. We should not hurry, we should not be impatient, but we should confidently obey the eternal rhythm.”

Nikos Kazantzakis 1883 – 1957 CE
from Report to Greco

64. Ordinary Mind

“Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival.”

René Dubos 1901 – 1982 CE
Influential scientific environmentalist

from Celebrations of life (1981)

“You don't try. That's very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more.”

Charles Bukowski 1920 – 1994 CE
"Laureate of American lowlife”

Themes: Patience Wu Wei

57. Wu Wei

“Patience means holding back your inclination to the seven emotions: hate, adoration, joy, anxiety, anger, grief, fear. If you don't give way to the seven, you're patient, then you'll soon understand all manner of things and be in harmony with Eternity.”

James Clavell 1921 – 1994 CE
Fictionalizing and fictional historian
from Shōgun, 1975

Themes: Patience
“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

Warren Bennis 1925 – 2014 CE
Authentic Leadership pioneering thought leader

Themes: Patience

“Impatience knows no limits: as soon as we learn to walk we want to sign up for the Olympics.”

Shan Dao 山道 1933 CE –
from Tao Te Ching — The Power of Goodness, the Wisdom Beyond Words

Themes: Patience

“Impatience knows no limits: as soon as we learn to walk we want to sign up for the Olympics.”

Shan Dao 山道 1933 CE –

Themes: Patience

“When one realizes that our many thoughts of anger and desire… are devoid of any self-nature, everything becomes a land of gold.
Patience is the antidote to anger, a way to learn to love and care for whatever we meet on the path.”

Pema Chödrön 1936 CE –
(Deirdre Blomfield-Brown)
First American Vajrayana nun

Themes: Anger Patience

32. Uncontrived Awareness

“It’s okay. Everything is okay… Don’t rush; everything is going to be okay… Just cool it. You don’t have to do a complete job, all at once. If you go too far, if you are too hungry, you could become a cosmic monster. That message is very courageous, but very few people have the courage to say that.”

Chögyam Trungpa 1939 – 1987 CE
from Journey Without Goal

Themes: Patience Desire

57. Wu Wei

“Hopelessness has surprised me with patience.”

Meg Wheatley 1944 CE –
Bringing ancient wisdom into the modern world.

Themes: Hope Patience

“Now all you can do is wait. Like the ebb and flow of tides. No one can do anything to change them. When it is time to wait, you must wait.”

Haruki Murakami 1949 CE – via Jay Rubin
from Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Themes: Patience

“People devote a lot of energy to thinking about things. Whether they want to or not. Yet in the end we all just have to wait—only time can tell how events play out. The answers lie ahead.”

Haruki Murakami 1949 CE –
from Killing Commendatore

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