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The Power of Goodness, the Wisdom Beyond Words
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Ghaṇṭāpa གྷ་ཎྚཱ་པ།

(“The Celibate Bell-Ringer”)

early 9th century

Mahasiddha #52

One of the earliest Kalacakra practitioners, founder of the Pancakrama Samvara lineage, Nalanda scholar, and guru to a king; Ghantapa became a symbol for appropriate action outside the confines of rigid ethics and morality, allegiance to personal insight over status quo strictures, and belief in the sense above the words. As a celibate monk, he saw through the chains of public and monastic opinion, desire for fame and acceptance, dissolved his vows, drank liquor, had sex, took on a consort, and had a child. His example inspired the people of his village and hearers of his stories during the centuries to dissolve their self-righteousness, prejudice, and sectarianism. Mahasiddha #52


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Quotes by Ghaṇṭāpa (6 quotes)

“Moral concepts practiced without understanding can be the greatest obstacles to […] uncompromising compassion.”

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“Penetrate the essence of each experience until you achieve one taste.”

Chapters: 56. One with the Dust

Themes: One Taste

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“Don’t cultivate virtue and renounce vice - accept all things as they arise.”

Themes: Letting Go

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“The wise don’t reject anything - both positive and negative qualities are aids on the path. —”

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“Although medicine and poison create contrary effects, in their ultimate essence they are one; likewise negative qualities”

Themes: Medicine

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“While the unrealized, spiritual child, five times poisoned, is lost in samsara, the realized sage rejects nothing whatsover.”

Themes: Openness

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